La Bella Hotels Internal Regulation

1.General provisions:

The people who access this hotel shall be obliged to comply with this regulation, in which does not contravene Law 13/2011, of December 23, on Tourism, Decree Law 13/2020, of May 18th, on hotel establishments, and other rules and precepts of application.

2.Access, admission and stay at the establishment

This hotel is of public use and has free access, without any restrictions other than those derived from legal provisions and this regulation.
The admission and stay of people at this establishment will only be denied for the following reasons:

a. Due to lack of capacity in accommodation or facilities.

b. Due to not complying the admission requirements established in this regulation.

c. By adopting behaviours that may cause danger or inconvenience to other people, or by hampering the normal development of the activity

When one of these indicated circumstances occurs or by the people incurring in one or more of the restrictions listed above, the responsible employee of the establishment may require them to abandon the establishment, with previous payment, when appropriate, of the invoice pending. If necessary, they may ask for security according to article 36 of the tourism law, and article 25 of the Hotel Management Decree.

It is expressly stated that free access to the facilities, services and accommodation of this establishment can not be denied to people who wish to come for sex reasons, disability, with or without a guide dog, religion, opinion or any other personal or social circumstance.

3. Check in and admission document:

The people who wish to use the accommodation units, the common areas, and, when appropriate, the complementary services detailed in this regulation, should present their identification documents to be registered and admitted at this establishment.

This establishment, once the person has been registered, will make an admission document that will include the name, category and registration number of the establishment, number or identification of the accommodation, number of people who will occupy, check in and check out date and any meals arrangement they have, and when booked directly, the price of the stay. The admission document, which must have a duplicate copy, must be signed by the interested party to formalize their admission, once informed of the existence of these Regulations and their rights and obligations. The original will be delivered to the user and the copy will remain in the possession of the establishment.

The complementary services which are offered by the establishment or by other people or entities, are detailed at reception, it will be formalized in their corresponding documents and will be settled according to the agreed conditions.


4. Rights and obligations for users

Users may freely access the establishment and remain in it, with some limitations that are stated in the 1st paragraph and in this regulation.

Users have the right to receive truthful and complete information prior to booking the services offered. That, in said service, care is taken for their security, privacy and peace, that correspond to the agreed conditions, they can receive an invoice with the regulatory formalities for the services booked directly and if they wish to formulate any complaint, these forms will be delivered to them.

Users are obliged to read the rules contained in this regulation, which they expressly accept when they sign the admission document, and those written by the manager about safety, coexistence and hygiene, for the proper use of the establishment. Users have to proof their state, showing the admission document, when required, respect the booked facilities and equipment of this establishment and pay the total amount of the services booked as soon as they have an invoice or agreeing to the conditions according the Article 21 of the Decree Law. The presentation of any claim does not exempt the obligation to pay for the services booked.

5. Rights and obligations of the hotel

This establishment may seek the help of the authority agents to clear out the dependencies of the users who do not respect this regulation, whom intend to access or remain in the establishment for a purpose other than the usual use of the hotel services Accommodation units can only be accessed by people registered for this purpose, as stated in Article 2. E. of Decree Law.

This establishment may request payment guarantee for the services booked, in accordance with the applicable regulations and to charge the corresponding account for the damages to the facilities, furniture and elements of the establishment due to negligence or wrong use of those.

Furthermore, the timetable of the different services may vary throughout the seasons, depending on the seasonality, having the right to not admit users outside those hours, also when the maximum authorized capacity is exceeded or when they are requested within the limits of admission, thereby damaging the work schedule of the services. The mentioned services, the details of their schedules hours, their prices and use conditions, are exposed at the entry, and, in summary, at the existing directories at the accommodations, which also contains information about the evacuation plan in case of emergency and about the free services. This establishment has the obligation to give maximum publicity about their prices at reception and have them available to users. To inform users before booking about the services and their prices. To provide them with the highest quality, according to their category and contracted terms. To ensure that users are treated correctly. To attend and keep the facilities and services in good condition. To have complaint forms and inform about their existence. To provide users who can not be attended, due to incurring in excessive reservations, accommodation in an establishment in the same are, of the same group, modality, or in any case, same or higher category . The expenses that arise from such cause will be invoiced to this establishment, which, on the contrary, will return to the user the differences that may arise in their favour.

6. Occupancy periods of the accommodation units:

Users of this establishment have the right to occupy this accommodation unit from 15,00 hrs, on check in date until noon, 12 o’clock, on the day indicated as the departure date. However, on dates with maximum occupancy, the accommodation unit may be delayed by two hours. With an agreement between both parties, a different regime of occupation units may be agreed, which, if applicable, must be reflected at the admission document. The extension of occupation at the accommodation unit for a longer time than agreed will cause the duty to pay one more day and, in the event that the user would like to stay more days than originally booked and specified in the admission document, there must be an agreement between both parties.

7. Prices, invoices and information

The hotel establishment is not responsible for the price, nor for the use of supplies, belongings and other services provided outside the hotel, nor for the behaviour of staff who is not working for the hotel, unless expressly stated in its conditions and rates.

The prices and conditions, and complementary services are detailed at the reception available for users who request them. The accommodation rates will be computed by days and according to nights they stay. The minimum rate would be the amount of one night, understanding to be finished by noon, 12 o’clock, day after the check in date.

In the accommodation units there is also a directory with information about the prices of the most common services.

Invoices will only be provided for accommodation and services booked directly by users.


8. Reception

The necessary procedures to admit people to the establishment will be at reception. The manager, next to the reception staff, are the responsible ones to keep the relation between the users and internal businesses of the hotel.

9. Safety boxes

In each accommodation there is a safety box installed in the rooms to whoever wants it. The directories that exist in these accommodations indicate this service and informs about their conditions of acceptance and use. The establishment is not responsible for the loss of objects or values that are not deposited in these boxes.

10. Early breakfast service

If a guest has the departure before the restaurant’s opening time, they can enjoy a cold breakfast. To have this cold breakfast they must notify reception at least one day before the service has to be provided.

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(+34) 954293913
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